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    Deploying to the same physical server, using multiple alias targets...

      After reading another thread on here about dealing with servers running multiple application server instances (not BL app servers, but WebSphere app servers), I have setup a test in our Dev system.


      I have a single physical server, called rhwas1. I've used hosts file entries to create two aliases, one to reference each appserver instance called rhwas1_WAS_server1 and rhwas1_WAS_server2. I've then added these as servers into Config Manager, and assigned appropriate property values to each.


      I've now got a basic BLpackage which just echos out some property values to files on the server. I'm running the deploy job, with both aliases as targets, but always one of the targets will fail the commit stage.


      I guess this is to be expected as effectively I'm trying to run two deploy jobs simultaneously to the same physcial server being managed by a single RSCD agent.


      I changed the deploy job settings so that the number of targets to process in parallel was limited to 1, but the same problem occurred.


      My question is, how should I be going about doing this so that it works properly?


      Thanks - Lee