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    Difference in behaviour of bldeploy on Linux vs Solaris?

      Hi all,


      I have a bladelogic package that runs a few external commands after a file deploy and whilst it works great on my linux hosts, I seem to have hit a snag on solaris. I believe I've tracked this down to a difference in behaviour of the nsh on Solaris vs Linux.


      All I want to do is source a profile to set some variables and then run some commands (that will refer to these variables). I've captured the bldeploycmd.bat from the stage area and ran it interactively as below on both my linux host and my solaris box.




      vmsun43% nexec -i -e ./bldeploycmd.bat

      ./bldeploycmd.bat: ~tomcatt2/.profile: not found


      vmsun43% cat ./bldeploycmd.bat


      . ~tomcatt2/.profile;

      echo success+


      vmsun43% cat /etc/passwd | grep tomcatt2

      tomcatt2:x:115:1:TOMCAT User:/VM_INF_ITE2/tomcat:/usr/bin/pfksh


      vmsun43% ls -l /VM_INF_ITE2/tomcat/.profile

      -rw-rr 1 tomcatt2 other 651 Dec 04 16:29 /VM_INF_ITE2/tomcat/.profile





      *t4vras0001% nexec -i -e ./bldeploycmd.bat *



      *t4vras0001% cat ./bldeploycmd.bat *


      . ~tomcat/.profile;

      echo success+


      t4vras0001% cat /etc/passwd | grep tomcat



      t4vras0001% ls -l /usr/share/tomcat5/.profile

      -rw-rr 1 tomcat tomcat 343 Oct 09 11:24 /usr/share/tomcat5/.profile


      Is this the recommended approach for sourcing variables? Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


      Kind regards,