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    Deploying to multiple environments on a single host

      Hello all,


      We have a number of test / dev environments that share a single physical host. Generally speaking we install to a different filesystem and run as a different user. I've used server properties to represent these filesystems and users but each time we need to deploy to a different environment (say test1 and then test2) I've needed to update these properties to reflect the correct destination.


      I've recently investigated using DNS aliases to allow me to have multiple instances of a server in Bladelogic. I was surprised when Bladelogic allowed me to add webtest1 and webtest2 when they both pointed at the same IP address. This has allowed me to have distinct server properties for each and I believe I can just deploy to them as though they were different servers.


      Can anyone see any problems with this approach? Is there a better way to accomplish this?


      Kind regards,

      Joshua Skirde