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    Package Sizes

      OK - another question from a non-technical manager.


      I have a customer, WellPoint, they will deploying System Packages and BLPackages for 3rd party software and patches. I need to provide them a low, med, and high range of "typical" System and BLPackage sizes.


      Based on your experiences can you send me the sizes of WIN, AIX, and HP UX Ssytem packages.


      And what are the sizes of small, medium, and large BLPackages for apps you have deployed. So maybe small is Winzip or McAfee or SAV, Medium is Apache or WebLogic, and Large is Oracle or SQL.


      And what are the sizes of a small, med, and large BLPackages for patching (Win, AIX, HP UX)?


      And yes, I asked them for a list of their content and sizes and deployment frequencies and they say it's too hard to get right now (IBM is their hosting company needs to provide) and they just want our "norms" for now, ..."you do this all the time don't you and you have norms don't you"...




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          Bill Robinson

          system packages don't really vary in size - they are always the same size because they are the whole OS installer. so the system package sizes are the size of the install discs - windows may be ~700megs, solaris 10 might be 2gigs, i have no idea for AIX or HPUX. RedHat and SLES are about 2-3 Gigs each.


          an oracle package might be a gig. the symantec client would be like 30 megs. winzip is like 1 meg. weblogic might be 30-40 megs. our packages are no bigger than the software we are installing.


          so again - it all depends.


          remember that in some cases we can use the 'network deploy' and we leave the installers on a pre-existing file share (outside the bladelogic depot) and we may not even need to copy to the target server.