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    Bladelogic paths on Windows



      Is there any way within BladeLogic to tell it to use Windows style \'s in the various path variables?


      The issue we have is that we are trying to use the ??TARGET.STAGING_DIR?? variable in an external command within a package, we are then deploying the package to a Windows server, but it falls over trying to find .../tmp/... becase of the /'s which windows doesnt know what to do with.


      Is there a way around this?




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          Bill Robinson

          All paths stored in bladelogic are unix-ized - so they will all contain the / and not \.


          You could change the property value w/ the windows \ but that will likely cause other deploys to fail.


          you could create another property for this and make it C:\tmp


          or...possibly create another windows environment variable setting and use it throgh the windows shell (%VARIABLE%) ..