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    Pre / Post commands using data dictionary

      Hi all,


      I'm new to Bladelogic so forgive me if my question is stupid!

      I'm trying to install an RPM and then run a post command to insert a variable into a user's profile.

      Simply put, we have an application user that runs the application and I've defined this in the property dictionary SERVER.CUST_USER. Now all I want to do is create variable in this user's profile based on the property dictionary (because different servers use different usernames) so I run a post command like:

      echo "export SOMEVAR=SOMETHING" > ~??TARGET.CUST_USER??/.profile but I receive an warning message:

      ~??TARGET.CUST_USER??/.profile no such file or directory


      So it looks to me that the property dictionary tag is not being resolved. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to use a BLpackage to do this instead of just a post command? I'm just trying to keep this as simple as possible.


      Kind regards,


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          Bill Robinson

          I do not believe you can included property references like you want to in a software object (the RPM).


          create a blpackage, and add the RPM to the BLPackage.


          in an external command in the blpackage write in something like:

          echo "BLAH BLAH" > ??TARGET.CUST_USER??


          though, if you do this in the deploy job, as a 'post install' command in the job, i think TARGET is available. where were you trying to put your post command - in the RPM object or the Job ?