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    BLPackage outputting errors

      I just wanted to check to see if anybody has figured out a way of doing this before I log an enhancement.


      IHAC that wants to be able to output their own error messages from a BLDeploy job from external commands they are running within the BLPackage using something like echo. The problem is the error message only gets flagged as information. So you don't actually see the error at an 'Error' level - only the exit 1.


      I've tried:


      echo "error: whatever has failed"

      exit 1




      echo "error: whatever has failed" && exit 1


      This means running the job with 'All Information' to even view the error message in the log and because its not tagged with an error makes working out why a package has failed particularly difficult for the ops guys.


      Bonus points if you have a method for BLPackages that deploy to Windows.