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    BladeLogic and CVS / Subversion / Perforce

      Many clients use BladeLogic to deploy software. Standard operating procedure is to load it into the depot. Sometime's that's a hassle, and it makes more sense to deploy the software directly from the source, be it CVS, Subversion or Perforce. It's possible to deploy software from a network host with a custom software job in BladeLogic. Just use an nsh URL path to the source in the field "installable source" of the software package in the Depot.


      But what if you want to deploy a FILE and not a binary?


      As far as I can see, a BladeLogic "depot file" doesn't offer this functionality. While it's possible to soft link the file, you can't edit the source field to point to the CVS / Perforce / Subversion server.


      I've found that it's possible to deploy a file using a BladeLogic custom software package, but this seems like overkill for what amounts to a simple file copy. NSH would do the job, but then we can't use the property dictionary.


      Attached is a screenshot of my custom software package, which works great. If anyone knows of a simpler method, post it!