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    IIS Metabase packaging

      I want to package some of the iis metabase values but it seems it won't allow me to create a BLPackage on those properties. Has anybody Packaged Metabase values like ASPMaxRequestEntityAllowed?

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          So, we found a solution to this problem (this is on


          For some reason, packaging up a single entry for ASPMaqxRequestEntityAllowed was not working. It would package it, and then show an empty BLPackage. The log said the value did not exist on the server (though it does, we packaged it from the live browse).


          We found that if we package it at the MetaBase key (i.e. folder) level, it would work. The package now had the folder and all the values in it. Then when we edit the package, I just deleted all but the ones we needed and edited those.


          Similar behavior is seen with auditing. When we audit, if we snapshot the value alone, it will complain that it does not exist on the server. However, if I snap the above key/folder, and then add an include of the desired key, it works as we wanted.


          One last thing we'd like to note along this line is that some of the values/entries in the metabase have their names "resolved" and others do not. Each item has an ID number as defined by Microsoft, but there is a schema to map those to names (such as ASPMaqxRequestEntityAllowed is ID # 7053). Browsing the metabase via Config Manager, there is an ID column and a name column, but only some of the items are "resolved". For others, the name is just the ID number. It seems for these ID only items we see the behavior of snapshots and packaging seen above.


          Anyone else encountering this? Not sure if it is intended behavior, but I've sent support a note about it.

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            Here's an attachment that shows what I mean by ID only, and ID + Name in the metabase.

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              FYI, the problem described above is targeted for correction in BL release 7.4.3.


              - Jim Collins, BL Prod Mgmt.