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    COM+ installation issues with BLPackage

      We would like to get rid of MSI installs for COM+ installation. I have created Blade logic package for COM+ installation and having following issues


      1. I couldn't figure out the way to assign password to Identity property node for Server activated COM+ package.


      2. It takes forever to install COM+ package, it took 20 min compare to 2 min. of MSI installs. At one time I thought it might have stuck so canceled the job.


      3. There no simpler way where you can specify the order for installation of COM+ object for dependencies reason. Because of this it keeps logging warnings in Simulate stage.


      Does anybody has experience with creating pakcages for COM+ using blade logic ?? I will really appericiate any kind of help or suggesstions. I couldn't find much information in forums or KB.




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          what version of BL are you on?

          Can you not install COM+ packages using blpackage and then use post commands to configure it?

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            We are using 7.1 version. Blade support helped me with first issue of password. The trick (round about solution) is to verify the package, when you verify the package it asks for password.


            I guess I can use post commands to call some script to create package and install it it in COM+. We are currently using MSI install to perform this job.

            but the question is why to invest money in blade and still use other alternatives for deploy.


            Also blade doesn't do good job on rollback when external commands are in use. I guess it has problem maintaining transaction.