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    SchemaVersion Field

      I created a BLPackage in 6.3.4, and once I opened it I noticed the field SchemaVersion, beneath CreatedDate and CreatedBy. It always seems to have "2.0" as the Value. What does this mean / what is it for?

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          I'd like to know too. 7.0.1 has schema version 2.0 as well so it doesn't seem to change with major revs either.

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            My guess is that SchemaVersion refers to the xml format of the BLPackage file in the depot and not a database schema.


            The contents of a BLPackage xml file have SchemaVersion and the oldest package I could quickly find has the following entries:

            <BLPACKAGE CreatedBy="joe" CreatedDate="03/24/2005 22:40:03" SchemaVersion="2.0">

            SchemaVersion 2.0 seems to have been in use for at least 16 months, probably more.