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    External commands in BLpackage being munged!!

      Hi there,


      i am setting up a BLpackage to deploy weblogic9.1 using a silent install method calling an XML file.

      I have set this up as an external command in the BLpackage using the following:


      cd /opt/java;"/opt/java/server910_solaris32.bin –mode=silent –silent_xml=/opt/java/new_weblogic91_solaris10.xml



      However when this executes on the remote host the command gets changed to the following:


      taken from bldeploycmd.bat on the remote host:

      cd /opt/java;"/opt/java/server910_solaris32.bin ???mode=silent ???silent_xml=/op




      NOTE the "-" are replaced with "???"


      Surely i can just input external commands as i expect them to be actioned. Can someone advise on the problem and potential resolution.


      many thanks in advance