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    Process dies when started using 'su -c'

      Red Hat Linux


      We have multiple instances of an app that requires monthly updates to its large data files. In order to update the files the proccess has to be killed, the data files updated and the process restarted. Stopping the process and replacing the data files is not a problem. But trying to restart the process as the owner rather than as root, is proving troublesome.


      Here's what we've got.


      The user is 'qas' and the script to start the proccess, 'start_qas', is in the qas home directory '/home/qas'. Now, when I log onto the server, as root, and I run the following:


      # su - qas -c './start_qas'

      # Running

      qaswvd: Server initialisation -- OK




      The process runs in the background and does not hup when I log off.


      However, when I try to incorporate this into the blpackage (it's the very last step), the process starts but then dies straight away.


      Can anyone shed any light on this, as it's driving me nuts!


      The script it calls is:




      /VM_INF/qas/proweb/apps/qaswvd &