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    Linux VPC (yes, more...) questions - resolving dependencies

    Vinnie Lima



      One more (and I am sure, not the last) question around Linux VPC. Take this example:


      There is a new vulnerability release for the Firefox web browser for RHEL 5.X.  The mandate we have is to patch all of our RHEL systems to the latest firefox RPM - firefox-3.0.15-3.el5_4.   Our RHEL systems are all 64-bit.  We want to use BL to do this.


      I created a Linux Patch analysis job (leveraging the one installed out of the box by VPC) with the Analysis type = rpm:firefox-3.0.15-3.el5_4  and script mode = ap, per the VPC User's guide.


      My expectation is that the target system(s) will be analyzed if this RPM is indeed installed on the target system. If it is not, deploy it. But not only deploy it, but also sort out the dependencies and install the dependencies with it.


      With this expectation, the following must occur for the install to work:


      1) It can find the RPM (and all dependencies) in the REPO

      2) It can correctly solve the dependencies and the order

      3) It can successfully install the RPM(s) in the appropriate order.



      The job runs and analyzes the correct dependencies, and even creates a Batch Job to deploy the missing/necessary RPMs.  But the job dies a swift death:


      Error    Nov 6, 2009 3:11:22 PM    APPLY failed for server linuxa. Exit code = -4001       
      Error    Nov 6, 2009 4:12:13 PM     Command returned non-zero exit code: 1
      Error    Nov 6, 2009 4:12:13 PM     Apply failed: id = 1
      Error    Nov 6, 2009 4:12:13 PM    Apply failed, no rollback.
      Info    Nov 6, 2009 3:10:58 PM    Started running the deploy step job '20091106Fri150850_linuxa->20091106Fri150850_linuxa' on application server 'emda-nbp-uea21.corp.csa.ic.gov'(1) against target server 'linuxa'       
      Info    Nov 6, 2009 3:11:22 PM    The job '20091106Fri150850_linuxa->20091106Fri150850_linuxa' has failed on server linuxa      



      Which brought to my curiousity if the job is applying the patches in any specific order.  Looking at the BLPackage, it seems they are not ordered in the manner they should e.g. the RPM that I am analyzing the system against is listed first, and the dependencies are listed afterwards.


      So - is the error above common? Are my expectations correct in regards to BL automagically resolving dependencies AND order?


      Thanks for any help.



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          Bill Robinson

          Can you post the deploy log from the /usr/nsh/Transaction/log directory for this deploy ?

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            Vinnie Lima

            Which logfile?


            [root@linuxa log]# ll
            total 176
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  5566 Nov  6 16:08 bldeploy-2213-emda-nbp-uea21-blp-RHES52x86_64-1430.1-251.4.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  5918 Nov  6 13:58 bldeploy-28397-emda-nbp-uea21-blp-RHES52x86_64-1417.1-222.5.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  5585 Nov  6 14:46 bldeploy-31432-emda-nbp-uea21-blp-RHES52x86_64-1421.1-229.4.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  5585 Nov  6 15:17 bldeploy-32638-emda-nbp-uea21-blp-RHES52x86_64-1425.1-236.4.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  9479 Nov  6 15:26 bldeploy-BLpkg_20091106Fri141741..linuxa-1427.1-243.2.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root 15149 Nov  6 16:59 bldeploy-BLpkg_20091106Fri150845..linuxa-1432.1-258.2.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  6094 Nov  6 16:08 bltargetjobmanager-2213-emda-nbp-uea21-blp-RHES52x86_64-1430.1-251.4.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  7782 Nov  6 13:58 bltargetjobmanager-28397-emda-nbp-uea21-blp-RHES52x86_64-1417.1-222.5.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  6443 Nov  6 14:46 bltargetjobmanager-31432-emda-nbp-uea21-blp-RHES52x86_64-1421.1-229.4.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  6331 Nov  6 15:17 bltargetjobmanager-32638-emda-nbp-uea21-blp-RHES52x86_64-1425.1-236.4.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root  9354 Nov  6 15:26 bltargetjobmanager-BLpkg_20091106Fri141741..linuxa-1427.1-243.2.log
            -rw-r----- 1 root root 14582 Nov  6 16:59 bltargetjobmanager-BLpkg_20091106Fri150845..linuxa-1432.1-258.2.log

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              Bill Robinson

              this one:  bldeploy-BLpkg_20091106Fri150845..linuxa-1432.1-258.2.log

              based on the timestamps and job name.

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                Vinnie Lima

                FYI - status on this issue, for the community's sake:


                The core issue here was that I picked probably the worst case scenario to try to automate Red Hat yum updates.


                The package I am trying to update is the latest firefox rpm.


                But, our RHEL base OS has a few beta packages which are interlinked through dependencies.


                The YUM install/update is not successful because there are package conflicts.  Even manual RPM install of the firefox rpm fails because it conflicts with beta package already installed.  Cant uninstall the beta package because there are dependencies on xulrunner, which has dependencies on other more important RPMs.


                So, lesson learned here, VPC can patch your RH system as long as it doesnt come accross conflicts. If so, you will get a generic error in BL and will never know why.


                I'm putting an RFE that the true YUM output on the target system is captured by the Deploy Job.