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    Incident assignment log issue

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      We have an issue with the incident assignment log functionality. There are some incident ticket for which logs were not captured in assignment log form. Is anybody have idea about this?


      As per the design, an incident submitted into the system should at least have a log record with Status as "Intiated". But i am unable to find any record in incident assignment log form.


      My ITSM version is 7.0.2.




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          Vishnuprasad Kottapally



          Were there any tickets created before you configure the Assignement stuff ....

          becasue there is a possibility that if there is no Assignee info available on the helpdesk form  and the status of the ticket is new there is a chance of a record not being created in "HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log" form...


          Here is the filter(HPD:INC:InitialAsgLog_901_PHDA)which creates an entry in "HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log"

          it checks the following condition if ( 'Assignee Login ID' = $USER$) OR ($USER$ =  "Remedy Application Service" ) push fields

          else checks from CTM:Support Group Assoc Lookup whether [( 'Login ID' = $USER$) AND ( 'Default' = "Yes")] then does a push field..


          Usually what happens is due to auto assignemnt assignment- assignee info will be given- so if action will be true ->record will be created

          say auto assignment is not configured then it checks the submitter is a support Guy if this too fails ..  filter can not make an entry in the "HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log"...


          Can you closely check the incidents which are failed to make an entry in "HPD:Help Desk Assignment Log" from...




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            Prashant Aggarwal

            Why HPD:Search-Assignment Logs form does not create new record of current assignment in some case.

            I have noticed the when the incident is assigned to other person within same support group then, a new record is not created. Whereas when a individual assign the ticket to himself with same group the record is created.

            And when assignment group is changed ,then the record is created which is a valid case.

            Why it is that record does not create in above case.

            Please let me know