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    SRM Questions Not Appearing...

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      I am currently running AR 7.1 -  SRM 2.2 Patch 2.


      I have recently built a couple of new services...i have gone through the usual process however, the questions that i have set out in my work order template are not showing when requesting the service?!


      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Hi Matt,


          You say the questions from your Work Order Template aren't showing up in the request...are you saying once you submit the request they don't map to the work order correctly?

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            Anne Brock

            If you can clarify what you mean, that would help.


            Questions in the work order template never show up when requesting the service. it's the questions that you put in the SRD that show up.


            Are the questions in the SRD mapped to a back end field? Seems like I remember one version where if I had a question but I didn't map it to a back end field it didn't show up when requesting the service..



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              Hi All,


              Sorry about the late reply...


              All of the services i have created previous work fine. As a user, when i go into the Request Entry and select one of these working services by clicking "Request Now"..I see the request name, required date, etc INCLUDING questions (i have always defined these questions within the "Work Order Template" form- "Details" tab.)


              Now all of a sudden (with no changes made to SRM) i create these new services successfully, however the question do not appear on the screen where they normally would...


              I dont know if this is something to do with the mapping but it would be great to know how to fix it!!


              Many thanks again for your help!



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                Well, as Anne mentioned the questions are never mapped from the Work Order Template...perhaps you just had them configured exactly the same as the SRD question mapping before and forgot that step this time. To configure the questions open your SRD from the Request Catalog Manager console and under the Process Template selection there is a Mapping button. If you click that button you will see the questions defined for that service and you can also create new questions.