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    Best in practice migration plan.

      I've recently upgrade my BladeLogic install from 7.3 to 7.6.  Due to so many changes to the OS, DB and landscape, we decided to build a parellel system to the existing one from scratch.  Now I'm needing to get the information from the old server to the new one.


      I've upgraded the original 7.3 server to 7.6 so the DB schema match.


      I've not seen anyway to export the users and the roles.


      And a lot of things look like they have to be migrated one at a time.


      Does any one have a best in practice migration plan for moving information from one server to another?



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          Bill Robinson

          The ideal would be to script as much as you can.  Look at the 'import/export concepts' in the BLCLI help documentation.

          Not all objects can be exported though.  In that case you can either recreate them manually or try and script it.  Since it's a one time thing, it may be faster to recreate manually, same thing for the objects that can be exported.