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    Compliance templates for BL 7.4.5


      We have in our company BL 7.4.5.

      I've downloaded from EPD Compliance and Inventory Content for BL 7.5. (there id no older versions)

      and during instalation process I obrain such error:


      ERROR: /opt/nsh/br/blcli-ct -t BLSSO -v robert ImportExport importObject NSA - Windows 2003 Security Guide v2.1 - Enterprise Client returned error code.  Result is: Command execution failed.  Failed to create object graph from xml.
      Error running content-loader-pdq.nsh
      Error running nsa-win03-install.nsh


      And what should I do?

      Is somewhere a compliance content for BL version 7.4.5?

      Maybe this well-known error and I have to change my configuration rather than version.



      Thanks for any advise.