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    Question regarding Product Categorizations

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      We are on  7.5 ARS,Atrium & ITSM suite.We want to implement Product Categorizations in its simplest form (& change it later if needed) for Incident Management.We have Product Categorizations up to Tier 3 ready.We have product Catalog installed too but we don't plan to use product Catalog  or CMDB for now.


      To create new Product Categorizations some of the CI type are okay but some are not good match.I was wondering if we can choose existing CI Type(closest fit) & add new later if needed.Currently we are not implementing CMDB or Product catalog.Will there be any impact if we want CMDB later to implement?


      I will appreciate any input.


      Thanks in advance


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          Also I wanted to ask Product Catalog have installed about 12000 entries

          for product Categories most of which we don't plan to use.Can I simply change them to offline?


          Thanks !!

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            I'm curious what CI Types are "not a good match" as I believe the CI Type matches the

            class in the CMDB Common Data Model.


            Yes...you can offline the product categorization entries that you don't want to use.

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              Thanks Steve for the reply.You are right ,I should probably find most related CI types.But I found it after some time,I noted some inconsistency,may be missing some point here:


              OOB. for Tier 1,2,3 Network<Switch<Voice Switch(PBX) ,CI Type is Hardware System Component,but Product Types are different in two forms.


              Form: Product Catalog Advanced Search,Product Type is Software


              Form:Product Category(While creating new Product from Application Administration Console,Product Type is Hardware


              Any idea why?


              ------Also one more quick Questions,while creating new Product All Tiers(up to 3 ) are required.We want to leave some blank.So I Tired simply a blank space,which shows a blank menu in HPD;Help Desk form finally,we did not like it.We just want clear menu at level 3 for some .


              I also tried adding - None - ,but it shows up same text - None -

              Any ways to have a clear menu at Tier 2 or 3?


              Thanks in advance!


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                Bjorn Calabuig

                Hi AK,

                "None" is better than leave a Tier blank...Anyway, could you advance a little with your catalogs?


                Regarding PROD Catalog:


                If you don't have a clear starting scenario to decide from which "CI Type" a product categorization should "hung", then give a chance to CI Type = "Product".


                But, soon you'll discover that this "generic" CI Type doesn't fits if you try to implement your CMDB (yes, you says that, for the moment, you won't do nothing regarding CMDB but maybe in the future your Customer needs change).


                I'd suggest you to limit the CI Types (or CMDB classes) to the really ones you need, and create your PROD categorizations under those CI Types.


                For example, you could group your Hardware assets or CI's maybe using only 3 CMDB classes:

                - Computer System

                - Printer

                - Monitor


                For each aforementioned class:

                - Product Cotegoraztion Tier 1 would be "Hardware".

                - Product Cotegoraztion Tier 2 would depend on the CI Type, for example, for Computer System:




                Network device


                Other devices


                - Product Categorization Tier 3 would depend also on the CI Type and Product Categorization Tier 2; for example, for Network device:






                Thinking this way, you'll have a good starting scenario to use through the different ITSM modules (Incident Mgmt, Asset Mgmt,...)


                Hope this helps you.


                Kind Regards,


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                  I have an additional question regarding Remedy asset management. I have created custom product categories, which I am able to view from Application administration console> Product categorization > View. (I am able to search them as well in this form)


                  However, When I try to create a new CI say a Computer system. I am unable to see Tier 3 classification for the CI (I had orignally created 4 new entries in PROD CAT. Two for Servers and Two for tapes) I am unable to see the one for tapes. I tried to see if it was conflicting with any of the existing entries but it was not. I dont even see the OOB options for Tier 3.


                  The help is appreciated.