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    BLPackage - Removing multiple configuration entries

    Daniel Goetzman

      Now that I have resolved using multiple instances of the same Configuration File Entry in a posting (to the wrong forum) I have moved onto trying to build a BLPackage to remediate my /etc/ntp.conf file.


      I am trying to figure out how to create a BLPackage that will, for example, make the multiple server records in /etc/ntp.conf correct.

      I have defined /etc/ntp.conf as a Configuration File using the nvsp_space.gm grammer file (name space value...)


      Example ntp.conf file on my test target;


      server ntp.bmc.com  <-- Not complaint

      server ntp2.bmc.com <-- Compliant

      server ntp3.bmc.com <-- Compliant

      server notntp.bmc.com <-- Not Compliant


      So, I need to create a BLPackage that when applied would result in;


      server ntp2.bmc.com

      server ntp3.bmc.com


      That is, remove the one record I know needs to be removed (server ntp.bmc.com) and any amount of unknown records that are not compliant (server notntp.bmc.com is ONE example, there could be many).


      I assumed I could create a BLPackage with;


      /etc/ntp.conf//server* set to "Remove" ALL server records (as I don't know how many invalid records there may be on a given system)

      /etc/ntp.conf//server value=ntp2.bmc.com set to "Add" to put back the record I need

      /etc/ntp.conf//server value=ntp3.bmc.com set to "Add" to put back the record I need




      1) Is this a valid method in a BLPackage to remove all and add back just what I want in the file?

      2) How do I get the "Remove" to go against multiple instances of the "server" Configuration Entry?


      Trying to change the entry in my BLPackage to /etc/ntp.conf//server** did not seem to work like it does in the Compliance Rules.


      Anyone point out what I am missing or fail to understand here? :-)

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          I would prefer to build a snapshot of the file in a known good state. Then you can use audit /

          sync with master to dynamically factor the BL Package for each variation you come across.

          Since that doesn't necessarily auto-remediate without human interaction you might need to write some BLCLI to get it all done.

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            I was also thinking if the file must be exactly the same on all servers you can just push out the file without using the grammar engine.

            No point in using the grammar engine unless you want to be surgical. From your example is seems as though all ntp.conf files need to be identical so why not just blindly overwrite them all.

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              Daniel Goetzman

              I have in the very recent past with other Component Templates been doing exactly that, however...


              1) I have started using Compliance Jobs with Auto-Remediate, and I REALLY like that route!


              2) All the BLPackages and Deploy Jobs created by Sync to Master (I run my job against several thousand systems at a time) causes a pollution of BLPackages and Deploy Jobs I really don't want to keep that need to be cleaned up.


              3) Auto Remediation jobs can be cleaned up using the Retention Policy as they are flagged as auto created runs!


              On Sync to Master we had been dropping the BLPackage and Deploy jobs in a folder for each Component called "TMP" or something to keep them from polluting our normal job workspace, but it seems cleaning them up with the CM GUI is ugly. I have to say OK for each of the job run dependencies to clean them up. And I might have 500+ in the Sync to Master run!


              So, I would REALLY like to figure this out for a BLPackage that I can deploy when the Compliance Rules have failed. I have the Compliance Rules working with the multiple Configuration File Entries thanks to help from these forums. I just need to figure out how to get the BLPackage to handle them to "fix" them!


              Assuming that's possible!

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                Daniel Goetzman

                We have been considering that approach.


                Assuming we "own" the contents of that file 100% and there would be no possible configuration variants with other options that would block a wholesale replacement of the file.


                So, I was trying to get the fancy Compliance with the records we require to be set and change them if needed, while leaving the rest of the options as they were found on a given server.


                Plus, I am teaching myself all about this Compliance Rules stuff and this more complicated requirement seemed like a good way to get in over my head! And we might need to adapt a similar Compliance Rule flow to meet other requirements.

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                  Daniel Goetzman

                  Just wanted to provide a update on this...


                  I talked to support on this, after a bit of research I was told that No, BLPackage does not support using a CONFIGFILE entry using wildcards to select multiple instances of the same CFE in a Delete object. So, I have added a external command script fragment to edit the file and make the required changed to multiple CFE instances.


                  Not sure if maybe the CONFIGFILE delete object in a BLPackage SHOULD support this and this needs to be a RFE or not...

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                    Bill Robinson

                    You should make an rfe, you've got a use case.