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    How does fixed license assignment actually works?

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      how does the assignment of a fixed AR User license actually works? BMC always talks about 'named user' license. but does this really mean that one license is 'physically' linked to one and the same user, and this until the user license is taken away manually?


      I mean, suppose you have installed 100 fixed AR User licenses, of which 20 temporary ones. So you have 100 people being assigned these fixed licenses.

      Then the 20 temporary ones expire. How do I know which of the 100 people were assigned the temporary license?

      How can I know who will get problems so that I can contact these people. And can you tell me more about what problems they will encouter exactly?


      perhaps it is a simple as that a license is linked to a user via a licenseid, but I guess this is just whisfull thinking. no?

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          Fixed licenses work on a fixed ratio, 1 user for every 1 license.

          So if you have 100 fixed licenses you can only have 100 users with fixed licenses 100:100=1.

          If you want temporary licenses you are really looking for Floating licenses.

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            thanks for the feedback. But the 20 licenses in my example where not floating, just 20 temporary fixed ones.

            So I'm wondering if there is a way to find the 20 people no longer having a fixed license after the temp one expires

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              When you purchase a license for a fixed user, you're purchasing the ability to assign that license to a named user (i.e. a singular person).  The license itself has no knowledge about who you are going to assign it to.  Thus, in your example, what will happen is this:


              1. You enter your key for 80 fixed users with a permenant key

              2. You enter your key for 20 fixed users with a temporary key

              3. You assign a fixed license to 100 users.

              4. The temporary key expires

              5. The system now only has the capacity for you to have 80 users with a fixed license.  The system will semi-randomly disallow 20 of the users (most likely, the last 20 that you assigned) to enter the system with a fixed license.


              There is no way to assign the licenses granted with a permanent key to some users and the licenses granted with the temporary key to others.


              Your best bet would be to record somewhere the names of the users that you want to revoke when the temporary key expires - even as simple as pen-and-paper or a text file.  Or, you could create those users with a visual indication in their name (e.g. deaster_temp, werner_temp, etc.) so you can quickly find them.




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