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    Upgrade Procedures for BSARA to

    young so



      Here is quck upgrade procedures notes:


      1.      backup databases
      2.      download BSARA 1.0.03 external files and installer for OS
      3.      extract files on database servers (will need to be on both BSARA and OM database servers
      4.      navigate to \Db_Scripts\sqlserver\schema
      5.      execute "sqlcmd -S <servername> -d BSARA_DW -U BSARA_DW -P <BSARA_DW password> -o BSARA_upgrade.out -i upgrade_dw_master_from_1.0.02_to_1.0.03_sqlserver.sql
      6.      execute "sqlcmd -S <servername> -d <core DB> -U <core DB user> -P <core DB user password> -o OM_upgrade.out -i OM_UPGRADE_FOR_job_run_etl_seq_sqlserver.sql"
      7.      run BSARA installer on BSARA server
      8.      from <reports install>/etl/bin run "upgrade_etl_102_to_103.nsh"
      9.      run ETL