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    Automating latest snapshots on inconsistent audits

      I can't remember exactly when or by whom (was it you Bill??) who had once told me that there was a way to automate the updating of an audit (when it goes inconsistent) by making the lastest snapshot it's new master. If that's possible, I would really like to know what's involved in implementing this on my current audits (that have snapshots w\daily scheduled run times).


      Also, if this is possible, and is controlled by a script or what-have-you, is there a way to automate this some more where:

      there's no need to run a snapshot everyday (which we are doing for some audits). It's only important when it's audit goes inconsistent.

      Is there a way, when an audit goes inconsistent, to have bladelogic automatically run it's respective snapshot job, and then place it in the audit as the new master?


      Anything you can offer would be very helpful.