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    Need to install PXE Server and TFTP Server...



      I am trying to install Windows 2k3 OS through Provisioning Manager in BladeLogic.


      I am using 4 machines.


      1. Target Machine with no OS installed.
      2. DHCP Server running on Windows 2k3.
      3. Provisioning Manager on Windows 2k3.
      4. PXE / TFTP Server to run on Windows 2k3.


      I am not able to find PXE server installable anywhere.
      I am having following queries:


      a. From where I can get PXE Server installables.
      b. I have downloaded a freeware TFTP server named "tftpd32.335" from "http://tftpd32.jounin.net". It is not having PXE included. Is it a valid TFTP server which I can use. If not, please provide me with link to get TFTP Server also.


      Thanks in Advance.