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    nsh permissions on linux

      I'm not being properly mapped to root by the RSCD agent on my app server.  Not sure what I'm still missing.


      BL7.6 on RHEL5.2x64

      BLAdmins has Server.* on app server object

      BLAdmins role / Agent ACL is RW user mapped to root

      /usr/lib/rsc/exports: *   rw,root=*
      /usr/lib/rsc/users.local: *    rw,map=root

      /usr/lib/rsc/users is empty

      I start NSH and am prompted for a role, choose BLAdmins

      I can cd to the server and execute basic commands, but anything that requires root priviledges I get (for example):

      chmod: Cannot change ownership of file patch-backup.tar: Not super-user


      I assume it's related - I'm also getting a permissions issue trying to install the ComplianceContent.  I ssh to the app server, su to root, use blcred to acquire a credential (in this case, using SRP/BLAdmin) and run the install script.  But it errors out trying to create a directory (which I can create manually as root)