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    Questions from Cloud Computing & Compliance Webinar on August 20th?

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      Special thank you for all the customers, partners, and colleagues that were able to attend yesterday's webinar.


      A few key points and reminders:


      Please post any questions for the panelist that you may have here over the next few week.  Kurt, Shane, Kia, and Myself are at your disposal.


      Additional information:




      Question for those that are able to either listen or attend:


      1) Any feedback, additional information?

      2) What regulated applications are you trying to virtualize? Are you using application, desktop, server virtualization or a hybrid approach?

      3) Are you using On Premise (private cloud), Off Premise (external cloud) or a hybrid?

      4) What challenges have you faced?  Performance, usability, scale?

      5) What questions/solutions are you looking for to from this group that may assist or from our network of partners?




      jeanne@installfree.com - feel free to drop me a line, send questions, comments etc.

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          Happy Monday Everyone,


          For those that are a little leary to post a question in an open forum - Kurt Milne (ITPI), Shane Gunn (Global Data Systems) and I will be at VMworld in the InstallFree booth 2502.  If anyone would like to an informal Q&A to discuss the panel, AWS implementation for HIPAA with GDS, Client VIrtualization (Desktop to the Application), Universal Clients, or their impact on BSM - please shoot me an email - jeanne@installfree.com. I will work to ensure the 3 of us have a set schedule at least Monday-Wednesday during the show.


          Although our dance cards are quickly filling up - there is nothing more important at this point of time than in understanding questions, concerns, and solutions that customers/partners are looking for as we all embark on this new paradigm in the evolution of Business Service Management.


          We look forward to hearing from, seeing, and speaking with others that are interested in driving needed change first by understanding the requirements before leaping into the perverbial cloud.





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            Shoot me a line if  you would like to meet with the panelist at VMworld - jeanne@installfree.com