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    Using Federated Data - Federation Manger in CMDB

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      I have a question regarding Atrium CORE CMDB 7.5 federation manager.

      I am trying to understand the retrival functionality.

      I intend to add three or four new attribute to  a specific class as foreign key to the a data source outside of ARSystem/ARSys table space. The external DB is Oracle. This is also critical.


      Based on what I read so far it seems I can create a retrieval method to via JDBC/CMDBf complaint repositories to create a federated data store which can be represented by a relationship. The document keeps on stating that it can be viewed in the Atrium explorer. This idea seems similar to Vendor form.



      1) Can I consume that data in Incident for to access these repositories, query against them / create menu against them?

      2) Push some of the data into Incident fields etc... (Work flow involved)?


      What can be done with this federated data, by concept by itself is it just informational purpose can we do anything more with this functionality.


      Please help me understand this.