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    Problem with date conversion; related to DST?

    Marc Giroux
      I've been working with BMC on this issue for a little over a month and we're no closer to a diagnosis, let alone a solution.

      The issue occurs only when using ITSM's report console, with out of the box report (and custom reports). When we use the date range fields, Remedy always adds one hour to what we actually enter.

      For example, we enter the date 6/1/2009 12:00:00AM (or 1243828800) and what is processed and ultimately queried to the server becomes 6/1/2009 1:00:00AM (or 1243832400)

      When running a log of what happens, we see the following...

      Process: Application-Parse-Qual-L "KPI:Result:000005"  ""  ('536870947' >= "6/1/2009 12:00:00 AM" AND '536870947' <= "6/1/2009 1:00:00 AM") AND '536870948' = "Monthly" AND ('536870924' = "RONA Inc." OR '536870924' = "RONA Inc. (Business)")

      Encoded Qualification (300636400) = 1\1\1\4\3\1\536870947\2\7\1243832400\4\5\1\536870947\2\7\1243836000\4\1\1\536870948\2\6\2\2\4\1\1\536870924\2\4\9\RONA Inc.\4\1\1\536870924\2\4\20\RONA Inc. (Business)\

      Any other date base query works just fine.
      It always looked like a DST issue, but I can't figure out where it's hiding. (PC, Server, DB?)

      I have set the user's preference timezone value to the correct one, and also tried it blank or offset to another timezone. The result never vary so that parameter is ignored.

      If I use a date that's outside Eastern Daylight Time period, it works fine, for example:

      Process: Application-Parse-Qual-L "KPI:Result:000005"  ""  ('536870947' >= "12/1/2008 12:00:00 AM" AND '536870947' <= "12/2/2008 12:00:00 AM") AND '536870948' = "Monthly" AND ('536870924' = "RONA Inc." OR '536870924' = "RONA Inc. (Business)")
      Encoded Qualification (300636400) = 1\1\1\4\3\1\536870947\2\7\1228107600\4\5\1\536870947\2\7\1228194000\4\1\1\536870948\2\6\2\2\4\1\1\536870924\2\4\9\RONA Inc.\4\1\1\536870924\2\4\20\RONA Inc. (Business)\
      <CLAT> /* Tue Aug 04 2009 07:30:54.8660 */+API call

      Anybody encountered the same problem?