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java.lang.nullPointerexception when trying to run a SSO application for the midtier 6.3

Roney Varghese

Dear Team,


I am trying to write a custom SSO application for ARS 6.3 midtier. The code compiles fine locally, however when I try to assemble the code in a jar file and place it in lib directory of the midtier server, it gives me a nullPointerexception error saying that the arsys.session.Login.establishSession is from an unknown source. I was wondering if there is a particular way to compile the web application for the midtier. I have used the following import statements


import com.remedy.arsys.session.Authenticator;

import com.remedy.arsys.session.UserCredentials;


I would really appreciate if someone can provide m with some guidance and how to move forward with this, as i am completely out of solutions for this compile and runtime issues. Appreciate all the help and support. Thanks



Roney Samuel Varghese