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    Which side of the cloud would you want to be?

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      I'm excited to see the cloud forming in our own communities.

      Cheers to all our contributors, I feel this time around we'll have burgeoning forum.

      We've naturally have taken to the cloud usage and I would continue to trace its outline.

      I have expressed my desire to be scratchy at the top layer, a high level incense of this banquet is filling to me.


      Is there some more folks with me who are happy coasting at the surface or are you the deep sea diver?


      Lets see who amongst us role play architect and engineers to this idea. It'd be great to have you introduce yourself and tell us something about the kind of work you'd be involved in. If you a code literary could you translate some of that to folks like me?


      So if you could please give us an update on the various legs of activity that is going around, I think we'll have knowledgeable fun.

      Let the party begin...