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    Questions about Bladelogic ARM

      I have the following questions about BL ARM:

      A principal module is installed in the BL server, then in every server must install a BL agent. But what are kind of app support by this module?

      A agent is installed by every app that wish to deploy?

      Which is the recommemded configuration of the servers for install BL ARM?
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          Bill Robinson

          There is no software 'module' for ARM in the product, it's a license to use the product for a specific feature.  ARM is a combination of RBAC (permissions/authorizations) and deployments (packages, jobs) - it's really the process by which you move a software object and related deployment job from one state to another (eg DEV to STAGE to PROD).


          An agent is installed on any server you need to deploy software to.  BladeLogic supports installing many kinds of software - any native OS package type such as a RPM, MSI, InstallShield, Solaris PKG, bff, etc.  We also support "Custom" types of software for things like an exe, or a zip file or bat file.  Anything that we can run in an unattended fashion can be run by BladeLogic.