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    How does cloud computing impact social media?

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      I just blogged about this idea after researching the topic. Looks like there are lots of ways that the Cloud is being used for internal collaboration. How do you think it will continue to shape social media, or is social media shaping the Cloud? In what other ways do the two concepts intersect?

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          Initially the shaping and growth of social media is unlikely to be effected by Cloud, with industrial media being the initial area of growth and investment.
          Of course the relationships between social and industrial does naturally mean that over time the opportunity for the growth in social media will realised.
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            Great topic Alena!


            As you say in your blog, we have all been living off the cloud, its just that we have never quite stuck our head into it.

            We have built up our conversations off Clearspace's cloud, we have our internet residence and social presence off public infrastructure providers.


            I think this idea has been around since we got on to the web, as you say the initial days of instant messaging, the messaging bots and chat and mail clients were always made utilisable to us by providers - Now we know the rain comes from the "Cloud".


            The cloud computing thingy is largely a branding movement, and ofcourse the technology is evolving to open new possibilities which are massive.

            So we now have to label types of clouds like Cirrus, Nimbus, Cumulous and Cumulonimbus - which is like the hybrid cloud.

            I kinda feel my pre Cloud-enlightenment internet usage like having been Adam who's always loved getting drenched in the rain shamelessly naive of the science that caused it and a larger part of me would still want to remain selectively savvy about the construct.


            So as Social media is one of the defining realizations of internet technologies, it would continue to swell >> as her mother - Cloud Computing continues to evolve and >> the expectation of us Socialites will continue to swell, led by Social media visionaries >> would challenge the core technology to evolve more.


            So like any other process in nature, technology is such an organic cycle in itself - infact thats the opening thought of my blog about Cloud computing, I find the technology exactly comparable to the Water cycle.

            Longevity of an idea I believe is enhanced if we choose to stay close to nature, so the rain clouds are here to stay!