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    Remote installation on Mac

    Gordon McKeown
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      I'm looking to do a remote installation of the Configuration Automation for Clients tuner on 200 Apple devices. These boxes are a mixture of PPC and x86 architectures running OSX, and ideally I want to be able to deploy to all of them in one go (I don't know in advance which are x86 and which are PPC).


      There seem to be a variety of different ways to achieve this, and I'm hoping someone out there has some direct implementation experience!


      Some possible methods:


      • CMS Remote Deploy -- assume this requires SSH enabled and a suitable privileged ID.
      • Script-based remote deployment -- will need SSH enabled and a suitable privileged ID. The script could check the arch and run the right installer (maybe copied across in advance with SCP, or possibly wget it down from a server).
      • Creation of a DMG file -- seems this was done for NYU, so hopefully someone has some technical docs? Would this allow a single image for both x86 and PPC?
      • Creation of a package file for deployment using Remote Desktop -- it has been suggested that Packagemaker could be used here.


      I'd be grateful for any solid information anybody can provide on any of the above, or other solutions that I have not mentioned!



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          Gordon McKeown

          For the benefit of anyone else who comes across this, we ended up hosting the tuner installers on a web server and deploying a Perl script to the Macs using Apple's Remote Desktop tool.


          The Perl script is included below.



          #!/usr/bin/perl -w

          use strict;
          use LWP::Simple;

          my $webPath = "http://webserver";
          my $intelInstaller = "EndPoint_MacX86.bin";
          my $ppcInstaller = "EndPoint_MacPPC.bin";
          my $tempFolder = "/tmp";

          my $scriptRc = 0;

          my $arch = `uname -p`;
          chomp $arch;

          if ($arch eq 'i386') {
                  print "Running on Intel x86 architecture.\n";
          } else {
                  print "Assuming PPC architecture ($arch).\n";

          print "Installation script will now exit with code $scriptRc.\n";
          exit $scriptRc;

          sub installTuner {
                  my $installerName = shift;
                  my $srcPath="$webPath/$installerName";
                  my $dstPath="$tempFolder/$installerName";
                  print "Download from $srcPath to $dstPath.\n";

                  my $dlrc = getstore($srcPath, $dstPath);
                  print "Return code from download: $dlrc\n";
                  if ($dlrc != 200) {
                          $scriptRc = -1;

                  my $choutput = `chmod +x $dstPath`;
                  my $chrc = $?;
                  print "Chmod return code was $chrc.\n";
                  if ($chrc != 0) {
                          $scriptRc = -1;

                  my $exoutput = `$dstPath`;
                  my $exrc = $?;
                  print "Installer return code was $exrc.\n";
                  if ($exrc != 0) {
                          $scriptRc = -1;



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            Young So
            Very nice Gordon!!!
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              Hello Gordon,


              I am wondering if you still have some technical information for supporting Mac 10.6 +. I am looking for Asset, Application, Policy and Patch management for Mac in an enterprise. I checked the compatibility matrix on the support portal, but the respective module documentation have no mention about it. Any information would be very much appreciated,




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                Paul Seager-Smith

                BCA will do inventory (asset), application and policy management. There is no out of the box support for Mac patching, but you can create application packages of the MacOS patch bundles and deploy these as a partial solution.

                The documentation is a little light on the MacOS side, but it does work, provided you stick to supported versions. It sometimes needs a little more manual work (as Gordon's post above shows) though.






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                  Gordon McKeown

                  Hopefully Paul's information has helped you; if you need more information, please start a new thread since your question does not relate directly to remote tuner deployment on the Mac. Thanks!

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                    Young So

                    Gordon McKeown,


                    Do you know if PERL is native or do you have to install it on mac OS?  I know I could google but want to heard it from you.

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                      Gordon McKeown

                      I'm pretty sure it does -- certainly with the customer I was working for back in 2009 we were able to use Perl because it was already installed. Having not touched a Mac in quite a few years now, I would have to defer to one of the Apple devotees for confirmation whether it's still on the latest versions of OSX.

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                        Young So

                        Thx for the reply!