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    Why Knowledge Management 7.5 doesn't work?

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      I'm testing K.M. 7.5 by myself before to show it to the customer.

      I cannot succeded to Installing and configuring it.

      I installed it on (CMDB + Service Desk) 7.5 patch 1 + SLM 7.5

      I try to configure it as documentation explain.

      I receive an error when I try to insert or search a new K.B.

      During Submit: http://www1.devoteam.it/~tscaccabarozzi/CreateKB75.jpg

      During Seach: http://www1.devoteam.it/~tscaccabarozzi/SearchKB75.jpg

      System cannot solve the dinamic URL


      How can I solved it?

      Thanks a lot