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    Domain Authentication Configuration

    young so

      Here is short version of the Domain Authentication.  Enjoy!





      1. Excute nslookup -type=srv _kerberos._tcp.<REALM> in the command prompt
      2. Create the blappserv_krb5.conf file, blappserv_login.conf file, using the information generated from the above procedure
      3. Open up AppServer Admin Console and type the following:

        set AuthServer isDomainAuthEnabled true

        set AuthServer Krb5Config



        set AuthServer Krb5LoginConfig



      4. Add user names based on Kerberos naming conventions to BMC BladeLogic’s RBAC user database. (For example: young@CONOSE.COM.  The domain name has to uppper case.  This can be found Acitve User and Computer | User Account Properites | Account Tab)
      5. Add users to BMC BladeLogic’s built-in roles within RBAC.
      6. Set up authentication profiles using Domain Authentication on the BMC BladeLogic client.