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    Atrium Orchestrator - Customer Success Story (BT Financial Group)

    Jon Thomas
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      I was forwarded a link to this Customer Success Story, and I wanted to share it with the community.  Here is the link to the full article:


      The company is BT Financial Group.  They used Atrium Orchestrator to automate their on-boarding account creation, and estimate the savings to be $250k over 3 years.  Below are some of the key statistics.


      Why Automate?


      “Our business is to provide quality financial services, so we must ensure that we consistently deliver high quality service to our business. They must be able to depend on us and we need to be confident that our processes are being followed correctly, regardless of whether Tom, Dick or Sally has performed the activity.” -CRAIG WISEMAN [Manager Environment and Release Management]





      • Key tasks in on-boarding account creation process took seven minutes
      • Bulk user on-boarding a manual process, lacking automated workflow
      • Testing environment refreshes required 20 hours of dedicated engineering support



      • On-boarding key tasks reduced to 10–15 seconds of time
      • 50 Bulk user on-boarding tasks completed in roughly same time as one
      • Application testing environment refreshes are now completed in 10 minutes
      • Calculated cost savings of $80,000 in year one and $250,000 over three years
      • Process workflows can be scheduled as discrete tasks and executed on demand

      What Makes Us Better


      In choosing BMC Atrium Orchestrator, Craig Wiseman [Manager Environment and Release Management] says intuitiveness and ease of use were key decision factors and the opportunity to apply a process across multiple platforms was a key advantage. He further highlighted out-of-the-box functionality for developing a library of functions that can be stored and re-used for multiple processes. A proof of concept spanning a portion of the on-boarding process — including creation of an AD account, addition to application and security groups and email account creation — took less than two days to implement.