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    SRM Request Entry Console

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      is there away that when a user logs in that it will take them right to the Request Entry Console (Service Categories) without having to click on the Request Entry link form the Home Page.

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          Carl Wilson

          Users can specify what Home Page to open in the AR System User Preference form (also available option in User tool depending on setup).

          By default, the Home Page is set for all User's.  As long as you know the form name you can set this to open at a User Level (or Global) level.  So you will be able to set the SRM form (Console) you want opened for the User's.


          The "BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.1.00 Form and Application Objects" Guide (page 272) has the steps to configure the Home Page preferences.

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            Or you can just use the following link using your server information in the red spots:



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              Or if you are using the Remedy User Tool, you can create an artask link, so that the Home Page is preserved as it is, but the SRM Request is directly opened.

              An active link on the home page running a process simulating a click on the Request Entry Console link will do the job too.

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                Here is what I ended up doing and looks to be working...


                I set the default home page on the AR System Administration Console under the configuration tab to:


                On the Default Home Form, the drop down shows the form as Request Entry, after you select the form it changes to



                Now ALL users will see the Service Request Form.


                For all of our back shop techs, if they are using the User Tool, I have had them go into their tool settings and set their Home Page as Home Page.


                If the back shop techs are using the MidTier to access the system, and they have the User Tool installed or access to the user tool, have them go to the Application Preferences form and update their preferences to point to Home Page.


                If they do not have access to the Application Preferences, you will have to manually input their home page for the user on the AR System User Preferences form, under the Home Page tab.  (I believe the OOTB design automatically creates an entry for the users in the AR System User Preferences form when the user is created in the People's form)


                Our current Home Page Setup:

                All other users (end user):  SRS:ServiceRequestConsole

                Support Users (Admins and Help Desk and Back Shops):Home Page


                NOTE:  As I am doing this to provide information, I discovered that the default configuration on the AR System User Preference form makes the Home Page "Home Page".  Meaning everyone who's account is created has that entry made and must be changed because it overrides the default server home page entry on the AR System Administration Console which means that everyone will go to Home Page though the default is SRS:ServiceRequestConsole.  I am trying to figure out if the default can be changed on the AR System User Preferences form during account creations in the people form.  I may have to open ticket if I can't figure this out.  Hopefully this has helped you out a little.  I may do this for now and manually change that information as the accounts are created.  I ended up adding the following columns to the Results List Fields on the AR System User Preference form page properties:


                Short Description

                Form Name (Home Page)

                Create Date


                I will post an update if I find something else out.

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                  BMC and I went through the workflow.  The were not certain which workflow needed to be modified to change that information... They ended up recommending that I create an Active Link to populate correct home pages.  It looks like I have to do this manually.

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                    Jason Miller

                    There is a Default Home Page setting in the AR Server configuration.  I am not sure if changing this has an impact on the preference records created after changing it but it might be worth a shot?



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                      Well there are three...

                      When a user modifies their user preferences it links to Application Preferences.  This pushes their information to the AR System User Preferences.  The settings here override the default configurations on the Server Information/configuration tab under the administration console.

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                        In our organization, we wanted to have all of our non-support staff go to the Request Entry Console and support staff go to the Overview Console upon logging in.  We have far more non-support staff, so we needed an automated way to default the homepage to Request Entry Console for all new users that are created through LDAP.


                        For Remedy 8.1, I've found a way to default the home page to Request Entry Console for any new user that is created:


                        1.  Go to the AR System Server Information Form -> Configuration tab -> Default Home Form:  AR System Customizable Home Page

                        2.  In Developer Studio, go to filter: CTM:IPF:PushHomePageToARSystemUserPrefSystemAsLandingConsole.  Under the Push Field Home Page value, change to "SRS:ServiceRequestConsole"


                        Hope this helps!

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                          Sanjeeva NAIDU GURRAM



                          Go to ar system user pref form under the home page tab from name u can specify "SRS:ServiceRequestConsole" for all the users



                          Sanjeeva Gurram