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    Administrator Permissions

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      Hi All,


      Quick question.


      I am looking to offload some general housekeeping tasks like adding users to groups etc.


      I am running v7.1 and was wondering if i need to give the users who would do this Admin access. As you can guess i am pretty reluctant to give guys this kind of access as i have a feeling they will start playing about where they shouldnt!


      Is there any kind of sub admin permission group they can be put in to carry out this kind of role?





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          Rakesh Jajper


          There is a permission SuB Administrator in AR System,
          which is having limited access in AR Admin tool.
          The Sub Administrator user wont't be having the access to Administration forms

          You can check that


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            If you are running on ITSM 7.1 and in case its only limited data updates then you may able to get away from this by giving assigning the User appropriate access.  I do not think that you need to be an admin to add people to support groups.


            A long term solution would be, if you execute such house keeping tasks very frequently, you can have some customization in place so that memebers of group say "Data Admin" can also do this.