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    How can I run JLI scripts non-interactively?

      I have got the jython JLI installed and configured correctly. I tried to run a jli script from the command line using byjthon (as seen below), but it prompted me for username, password and role name. How do I make this script completely non-interactive? Are there environment variables I can set that bljython can tap into for this info?

      BTW, where can I get full-fledged documentation on the BLCLI jython API framework? The BLCLI doc that was laid down when I installed OM has one small section on it (which is where I learnt how to install and configure JLI), but it is not an extensive API doc.

      C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>bljython C:\BLSandbox\jli-scripts\list_all_pm_devices.jli
      Enter user name : savitha
      Enter password :

      Available Roles are :
      1 ) BLAdmins
      2 ) SuperUsers
      Enter role number : 2