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    What type of topics are appropriate for BMCDN?

      It seems that there are a number of BMCDN posts that, IMHO, are obviously regarding issues that should be raised to Customer Support.  I think it would be beneficial to have some clear guidelines as to what types of questions are appropriate for BMCDN vs. questions that should go to support.  For example...anything that has to do with problems or errors installing a product seems like it would be best handled by support.  It is important that install issues be tracked by Customer Support to do trend analysis and to escalate issues the engineering where appropriate.  It certainly would be beneficial to report back to BMCDN to help provide visibility of issues.


      I can't, off hand, think of other examples.  It may be difficult to come up with a definitive list, as I realize that there is overlap.  But I thought this topic maybe a good discussion point.

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          I agree that some of the issues discussed in BMCDN should go to Customer Support, especially when they are related to a bug, but in many cases this is still a good place to start. I have seen posts in BMCDN where it was determined that the person with the original post should contact Customer Support because the issue couldn't be resolved here. A good guideline may be to contact Customer Support when your issue can't be resolved within a couple of days


          I have found that most of the time I can find an an answer faster, in hours rather than days, by using BMCDN.  Also, I sometimes find more helpful answers here than in their knowledgebase.  In some cases I have even been sent here by Customer Support to get an answer to my problem.  Since Customer Support uses this as a resource, I would hope that those responsible for BMC products would monitor BMCDN to gain an awareness of what problems we are having and take actions to make inprovements to their products.