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    Incident Analysis/Top 10

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      Hi All,


      I'm looking to create some reports, possibly flashboards in order to get some analysis on the Incidents that users log.


      Ideally i would like to create a flashboard or something similar to show "Top 10's" this would include for instance, the top 10 people logging incidents, the top 10 categories of incidents.


      Is this something that anyone has done or that someone knows how to do? I am not looking to purchase add-on's for this it would just be really good to get an idea.


      Maybe even a SQL script?


      In addition, is there a way that you can get a count of who has been on a certain form and hit rate? Would be nice to know who is using custom built modules etc.


      Any ideas welcome >:o)

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          I have figured it out if anyone needs to know...










          top 10 with


          ****Column ID****





          count(*) as







          ****Column ID****








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            Hi Matt,


            May I know where did you put this query?


            Did you place this under a view and refererred to it as a view form? or via workflow and retrieve the result of the query?



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              Hi Kevin..


              In the end i only used the query as a point of reference, i didn't set it up as to reference daily etc...


              I will eventually be using it when setting up reports...




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                Bjorn Calabuig

                Hey Matt,


                Flashboards is different than Reports.

                Have you thought in using Crystal Reports?


                I'd use Flashboards for showing a real-time situation of my system: different gauges on a dashboard showing, for example, how many open incidents, distribution by Priority, distribution by Support Group, etc.


                I'd use Crystal Reports to Top 10's purposes.

                There you'll be able to show the information the way you like: top 10 people logging incidents, the top 10 categories of incidents, distribution by Reported Source, First Contact resolved Incidents, Reopened Incidents,...




                Hope this gives you some ideas.


                Kind Regards.


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                  Hi Bjorn,


                  We have a business strategy of using Cognos, therefore this is something that i am looking to put into our next release. It seems the only logical way to do it.


                  Thanks again,



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                    Hi guys, does it mean that flashboard was not able to represent data in a sorted view?




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                      Bjorn Calabuig


                      Yes, of course, Flashboards can do this.


                      I was just exposing in which situation I'd use a Flashboard or a Report.


                      It would depend on the need:

                      - if I need something like a Dashboard I'd maybe use Flashboards. This way I'd always have "on screen" what's happening.

                      - but, if my needs are not so critical in having "real-time" information, I'd create a Report.


                      Both are good solutions, but Flashboards are really more time and resource consuming than executing a Report.


                      Kind Regards,