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    Simple Flashboards

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      Hi All,


      Just a quick question, i've been trying today to set up a simple flashboard on the Incident Management Console. I only want it to show the users open tickets in reference to the group that they are in. I've tried numerous qualifications such as ($GROUPS$ LIKE > (("%" + 'Assigned To Group+') + "%")) AND ('Status' < "Resolved") but this wont work.


      Have anyone noticed why such a "simple" idea wont work, or am i approaching this the wrong way!


      Hope someone can help!




      I am running:


      SQL Server 2005

      ARServer 7.1.00 Patch 001

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          Carl Wilson

          Try a Qualification on the variables with:


          'Status' < "Resolved" AND 'Assignee' = $USER$


          Then 'Group By' - Primary (on the Operations Tab of the variables):


          Assigned Group


          This will give you the tickets for the current User grouped by the Assigned Group.  You can then adjust accordingly to your needs.

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            Superb Carl!


            Thanks very much for that. >:o)

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              Hi All,


              I thought i would revisit this issue again. The new operation will show the incidents assigned  specifically to the user logging in. However i would also like to show the incidents assigned to the users group(s). has anyone been successful in getting this to work?





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                Hi Matt,


                You don't want to reference the $USER$ or the Assigned To if you want the logged-on user to see all tickets assigned to anyone in his group(s).


                I use the $GROUPIDS$ keyword  because $GROUPS$ (the group name) can cause problems if you have similar names.


                ($GROUPIDS$ LIKE (( "%"  + 'Assigned_Group_ID') +  "%" )) AND ( 'Status' < "Resolved") AND ( 'Assigned_Group_ID' !=  $NULL$ )



                I don't use v7 so you'll have to look on your incident form to see if you have a field that holds the ID of the Assigned_To_Group.

                If not you can make a hidden field and a filter that always has the Assigned_Group_ID (character field).

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                  Thanks for the reply.


                  I've just attempted the re-do the flashboard with the new qualification, unfortunately there is no GROUPIDS keyword. Is this likely to work when manually typing it in? It allowed me to save however the flashboard didnt return and results.



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                    You are correct Matt. Sorry. What I gave you wasn't what you were asking for. The query I sent was for a table field qualification so when a user logs on they see a table of incidents assigned to their groups.


                    You need to pass that GROUPIDS value into the flashboard so you get the same results there. I'm away from the office, but will follow-up with you later this week. There is a customqual variable you have to set with that string I gave you. The customqual variable is what then goes into your flashboard.

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                      Much appriciated

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                        Wienert Gideon



                        Have you ever managed to resolve this issue? I'm now facing a similar requirement from a client where they want to have a flashboard created to display all incidents assigned to the logged on user 's groups. The requirement here is that the user should have visiblity of all his group's incidents and not just the ones assigned to him.


                        I'm struggling with the qualification to return the correct results.


                        Any help would be appreciated.