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    Installed Products on Unix systems

    Brian Soefje
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      I am looking for guidance with limiting the amount of CIs found during the Installed Products scanning on Unix flavored systems. Running that RPM query all on the Linux systems returns hundreds to thousands of BMC_Product records.

      We have no reason to track probably 75% of those but need to track some. I know discovery have filtering on the front-end and filtering on the CMDB sync end as well.


      Anyone have advice that has traveled down this road already??


      Should I setup a Discovery Exclusion Filter?

      Or discover everything but filter what I send to IMPORT.TOPO in the CMDB?

      Or Modify the SSH_COMMON_SOFTWARE.xml to limit the rpm commands?

      Or combinations??

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          Because of the 1.5 million CI limitation of a given FDTD server, I would suggest you filter out the RPMs to be discovered.  I can't remember if creating an application in the UAD Application Library and then marking it as uninteresting will block it from being added to the data store or not.  I think it does.  In which case, while it would require some work on the front end, the end result would accomplish what you are seeking.




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