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    CTM:People Proposed Status

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      I have not been able to find any documentation to show me what the workflow is going to do if this is in the "Proposed" state.    Our support team is able to create profiles.  And we are concerned about the integrity of the people data in CTM:People.  The team is considering turning off the ability to create profiles for this reason.  I see that when support creates a profile it does put the new record in a proposed state - however what happens with these new proposed records? When you open the tickets the new proposed profile is viewable so how does this proposed state benefit us?

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          Carl Wilson

          The Proposed state is for when a user creates a contact from an Incident and not from the App Admin Console. 

          This allows you to search on the proposed state and have the Admin for the Contacts verify the information and add the necessary/missing information before setting the user to Enabled.

          This effectivley allows on the fly user creation for use with a incident etc, without comprimising the security integrity until someone can verify that this is a valid contact and as such move them into this state.