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    Reporting in ITSM 7.0.2 and new .rpt file Crystal

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      We installed ITSM 7.0.2  I created new reports (.rpt) using Crystal XI.  I added the new report (.rpt) to the "Report" form and I added a new Category to classify the report.  When I select the "Run Report" button, the report does not execute and display on the screen.  This has been a real problem for us for a couple of days now.  There is so much data.  As a business, we have to be able to generate other reports besides the reports that are OOB.  Our organization was frustrated with the OOB so I created new reports, however we can't open any of the new reports in Remedy.  Our inability to open the new reports is our only stumbling block and is getting visiblity at our CIO level and it's just causing problems.  I also tried to modify the OOB report according to our needs, add the category and attach it in the Report Form - same issue - the report would not open.  I searched high and low on throughout the PDFs - and I could not find any info on how to resolve this.

      We are in a crisis now - because the Customers reviewed the reports, like the information, we just can't deliver the reports because the reports will not open  in Remedy; and the tool we are using is Remedy.