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    Table Field Sort Order

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      Hi All,

      I need a way to dynamically change the sort order of a table field using workflow only.  Does anyone know of a way to do this in ARS 6.3?



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          Vincent Riedweg


          That's not possible to do this by workflow.


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            Misi Mladoniczky


            Your best choise may be to have multiple table fields that you hide/show depending on how you want your sort order.

            Another solution would be to create a number of Self-Join-Forms with different default sort order. Then use the advanced option of the table-field to switch in the form (and sort order) you want.

            One problem may be that if a user clicks a column, he/she can set his own sort order...

                    Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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              Thanks all who have responded.  This is pretty much what I had thought.  This may make a good enhancement request.  Maybe even a generic database field.  You don't have to specify a table to read from, just a field that you could use as an external qualification.  The qualification would be the Remedy Form and Database Name of the field.  Another property would be a refresh rate.  The data presented would show up in the database/query field and be available for workflow just like a table field.  Then you could do a search like:

              SELECT 'Category', 'Type', 'Item', 'Summary', 'Individual' FROM HPD:HelpDesk where 'Assigned To Group' = "Group A" AND 'Status' < "Resolved" ORDER BY 'Individual' ASC

              The result would be a "table field" containing entries from HPD:HelpDesk for Group A, sorted by Individual and displaying the fields Category, Type, Item, Summary and Individual.

              OK, I've talked myself into it.  I'm submitting the enhancement request.  Have a good one!!! 

              Marc Simmons

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                Phillip Brockhaus

                Has this changed in the last 11 years? Is there a way to "reset" to the default sort options for a table field, overriding column sorting selections that the user has made?


                Thanks for any responses.