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    Oracle ODBC Connection to Remedy Database

    Conrad Pereira

      Hi All,

      Has anyone used an Oracle ODBC Connection to the Remedy Database? I am currently having an issue that any query sent to the database either via Crystal or Remedy Reports, it is sending the query suffixed with Order By 1 Asc, while there  is no sort order specified anywhere. Even if its a query that is sent to the Remedy Database based on a specific Request ID it is doing Order by 1 Asc while it is absolutely unnecessary.

      I want to know why it could be suffixed this way and if there is a way to remove this Order By 1 Asc. Also if anyone has steps on configuring the Oracle ODBC connection to the Remedy Database. The version is ARS 6.3, Oracle 9i. I have over half a million records that I am trying to get a Crystal Report out and it gives me an error "Failed to open rowset". Query Engine Error: 'S000:[AR System ODBC Driver]Cannot open catalog; Message number=94.<server name>

      Thanks in advance.