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    Good definition of BMC_Application and BMC_ApplicationSystem

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      have hunted after a good definition of a BMC_Application....

      the BMC explaination in the CMDB Model (javadocs) is resursive: "class stores information about standalone applications, applicationsdeployed on servers (such as J2EE and SAP), and applications deployedon distributed systems (such as SAP)."

      for me an application:
      a) provides a set of functions
      b) strongly associated to surrounding infrastructure

      for example, the Acrobat Reader application typically runs only on Mac/Windows (or via browsers) and lets us read PDF files.

      but is an applciation only described by it's public functions?  and can an BMC_ApplicationSystem be used to store information about business functions related to an application that is distributed?  since an ApplicationSystem according to BMC acts as a container for an application's runtime services.  but as mentioned above applications can be distributed (some parts in tuxedo while other run in weblogic and still a few more in SAP).