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    How can I install Track-It! 10.5 correctly on Server 2012 (just to start)

    Richard Mansfield
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      My existing Track-It! 11.4 application server has become unusable due to malware attack. It was running on Server 2008 Standard 32-bit, which has gone EOL. My database is on a dedicated SQL Server, not the same server as the application. My install path requires I install Track-It! 10.5 first, then upgrade to 11.0, then upgrade to 11.4 because that is the way we did it initially years ago. This is giving me trouble because if I choose the typical install, SQL Express 2005 tries to install on the new Windows Server 2012 box, and they are incompatible. If I create a SQL Express 2008 database on another machine, the Track-It! 10.5 install hangs on "configuring database". I do have a call in to the Support line, but they won't get to me until Monday, and I'd like to know what my options are here. Is there a "How to install a blank database for Track-It! reinstalls for dummies"? Is it possible to just jump into one of the modern builds of Track-It! and import our years of existing data from the database? Hopefully the support tech can help walk me through what I am doing wrong, we've been without Track-It! for a week and we're struggling.

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          Richard Rowe

          Hi Richard


          As you may know, the main requirement is that your Track-It! version that you install is exactly the same as the database.


          Am I right in thinking you are looking to install the Track-It! application to the same version as the database on your database server, and then hook the existing database on to your new Track-It!?


          If so, then you should be able to install the version of 11.4 onto the server and then follow the articles to attach the database.


          Bear in mind that if it's only database, then you will not have your configuration.


          These two articles should help:





          If you are working your way up from 10.5 and then using the upgrade installers to reach the latest version, then you could always try installing SQL Express 2008R2 first, and then run the Track-It! installer and point to the instance that gets set up.





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            Richard Mansfield

            Hi Ricky,


            Thanks for the response. I can see that my question was a bit convoluted. A year or two ago, I had split off our database to another server, so I was running the application on Server1 (Server 2008 Standard 32bit) and database was housed on Server2 (Server 2012 R2 Enterprise 64bit). Server1 was brought offline due to an inability to patch for certain vulnerabilities, and now I need to figure out a way to install the Track-It application on another server (Server3, Server 2012 R2 Enterprise 64bit). Our install method is to use the full 10.5 installer, then the upgrade to 11.0, and finally the upgrade to 11.4 and this did not work on Server3 because when I went to run the installer for upgrade 11.0, the Track-It installation instance could not be found. The typical install of 10.5 tried installing Sql Express 2005 on Server 2012 but received compatibility errors. I installed SQL Express 2008, and got a little further, but the install hung for about 30 minutes with no progress so I killed it. In general, it is a big mess that I may be able to rectify by spinning up a fresh Server 2008 R2 64bit (not the Standard 32bit version) and building the initial config database upon SQL Express 2008, then continue the upgrade path from there. Still waiting to hear from a support tech, I think we work opposite shifts.

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              Cris Coffey

              The best solution would be to install a fresh copy of Track-It! 11.4, the exact version you had in production when the malware attack happened and let it install a blank database somewhere, then work with support to point the configuration of the new install to the old existing database. There is no need to do the 10.5. 11.0, 11.4 version jumping if you were actively running Track-It! 11.4 and you still have the database intact. Work with support to be sure you are doing everything correctly but that should work.