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    Staged upgrade to 20.02

    Peter Lundqvist
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      Do I need a CMDB in my staged setup now?


      When I run the installer I get this


      (Oct 16 2020 02:28:19.216 PM +0200),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.atriumfoundation.AtriumPrecheckValidationTask,

        LOG EVENT {Description=[BMC_ATRIUM_MISSING_INSTALLED_CONFIG[String:/app/bmc/AtriumCore/AtriumCoreInstalledConfiguration.xml]],Detail=[BMC_ATRIUM_MISSING_INSTALLED_CONFIG]}

      (Oct 16 2020 02:28:19.671 PM +0200),CONFIG,Command return code,

        LOG EVENT {Description=[255]}


      /app/bmc/AtriumCore does not exist because the stage only includes the remedy server. It has never been an issue since staged/in place upgrades where required (9.1.04?).

      I will work around this, but shouldn't the documentation reflect this requirement - or have I misinterpreted the documentation?